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    LifeTime Technology (Thailand) is The Best VoIP Providers and Phone Services of 2017 Voice-over-IP (VoIP) services can save your home or business a huge chunk of change over traditional carriers. If a smartphone alone isn't enough but you don't want to pay for landlines, we test, rate, and compare the top VoIP players to take your online communication to the next level.
    We're all attached at the hip to our smartphones nowadays, but there are plenty of reasons you may not want to rely on a mobile number alone. Coverage dead spots and dropped calls are still a regular occurence, but landlines are antiquated and expensive. So for a home or office where people are on the phone regularly for important calls, what do you do? If you don't want to plop down a lot more money each month to pay your local telephone for more landlines or mobile numbers, the internet is here to help. Lower-cost Voice-over-IP (VoIP) services take advantage of your broadband internet connection to offer you a powerful web-based phone service with all sorts of nifty communication features. VoIP platforms give you a low-cost alternatives to big phone companies and carriers, plus bells and whistles like software phones (softphones) and mobile apps, call routing and recording, SMS text, and video conferencing capabilities. Finally, there are higher-end, business-grade VoIP services for larger companies with more heavy-duty enterprise features.

    VoIP providers (LifeTime Technology) come in all shapes and sizes. In this roundup, we review traditional VoIP providers that started with calling and have gradually added a wider array of features. We also review cloud-based services such as Skype , Line that began as video conferencing services and have since rolled out significant VoIP capabilities. Some VoIP providers use entirely cloud-based user interfaces (UIs) and calling, while others offer both web-based calling and routing through physical handsets, which are available from a number of sources.

    Lifetime Technology (Thailand) Company Limited is one vendor Telecomunication License No. 1 NTC / MM / INT / ISP / I / 012/2558 that offers a wide variety of IP-based products including phones. SIP Trunk , VoIP Solution , Cloud computing , IP Phone for example, partners with Lifetime Technology for their handsets. LIfetime also offers solutions which work with SIP Trunking for Business. Whether you're dealing with a combined hardware and software solution or a fully cloud-based application, VoIP services provide a powerful combined communication platform to keep you connected in exactly the way that suits you.