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     VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, ie voice over internet. It is a new technology for Internet telephony, which has the obvious advantages. Reduce call costs. Whether it is domestic calls. Or international calls. Because Internet telephony is not necessary to work through the telephone exchange. The cost of the service. VoIP is the application of the Internet through the use of the Internet. This is the only data signal. But for the use of VoIP is to bring the audio signal to the data. To transmit to the network through the Internet. Protocol l is the Internet Protocol, commonly known as IP, which is usually the IP signal. But VoIP technology makes voice transmission. Examples of VoIP providers in Thailand such as Advance Telephone & Telecommunication Company Limited

Types of VoIP technology.
  1. PC to PC
  2. PC to Phone
  3. Phone-to-PC
  4. Telephony

Benefits of VoIP
  1. Reduce phone costs
  2. Increase the flexibility of communication
  3. Easier network management. Because all communications networks Can be collapsed to a single network. In case of relocation of units or employees. Phone number management and more. It can be done without needing to re-routed any signal.
  4. Supports future system expansion. If in the future the organization grows bigger, VoIP can accommodate more and more users by adding more. Virtual User only.
  5. Reduced operating expenses (Reduce Operating Expenses) because of the software used to manage VoIP. It is easy to manage and maintain.
  6. Increase productivity. Employees can send documents through the network alongside the conversation. Or maybe a conference call (conference call), both audio and video. And even send meeting documents to attendees. Through the network as well.
  7. Compatible with wireless communications. Make wireless communication devices. Such as cell phones or PDAs. It is possible to contact VoIP through the corporate network.
  8. Improved Level of Services (VoIP) with the ability of VoIP applications such as Click-to-talk To be more convenient and quick to contact with customers.

Future of VOIP

    Voice over IP Or often called short voice. To be more popular. The quality is improved and the cost is cheap. Until eventually it may become free. As with other internet applications such as web site search, email usage. Because there are not really much difference. Users only pay for internet connection.
    In the present Voice over IP No number of its ownAttempts have been made to establish a telephone number for voice over IPs worldwide. It is called Enum (enum), which if it is widely accepted. We will have this number with us anywhere in the world. Just access the Internet. Can be contacted by the same number. With the current phone
    In addition, if the Wi-Fi network or WiMAX has a wider coverage. It is possible that there are devices that connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi or WiMAX that can use voice over IP. It is more capable than mobile phones today. Because of the wide bandwidth. Using Videophone It becomes a common standard today. It has started to market the mobile phone as a Wi-Fi in some.

How to VOIP work.